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A thriving concern with an up to date method of self-control H.A.C.C.P. Firm legally authorized by the Apulian Region Authorities to bottle, to can and to pack the Extra Virgin Olive Oil procuced in Italy licence code Ba 136 - Reg. Ce 1019/2002

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The oil mill, managed and run by Ferdinando Pappalardo, is located in Altamura, in the hinterland of Bari, in the environment of the Murgia Area. Altamura is an important agricultural and trade centre of ancient origins. It was inhabited by the Peucetians and surrounded by a double row of boundary megalithic walls. In the last years some important paleontological findings have come about: the entire and well preserved skeleton of a hominid who lived about 400.000 years ago, and the dinosaurs prints dating back to 60-70 millions of years ago. The Cathedral is the heart of the town; Frederick II of Swabia wanted it to be built, in the typical Romanesque-Apulian style. Already the seat of the first university and of the Court of Appeal of the province of Bari, in 1799 the town was a republican bastion against the army of the Cardinal Ruffo and in those violent days it earned the title of "Lioness of Apulia". The placing in this context of olive oil and olive trees which are in abundance in the surrounding fields of the historic town make sense and are supported by the Pappalardo family's ambitious project of having built an oil mill, within Altamura's industrial area, aimed at enhancing the extra-virgin olive oil with experience matured over 30 years, readopting and reviving ancient customs.

The Pappalardo's Oil mill strongly believes in a personal contact with its clients, welcome guests to its company premises at all time, where, besides the extra vergin olive oil, it is possible to taste a wide range of local selected food products.

Ufficio e stabilimento
Via del Fragno, 37 - Z.I.
70022 Altamura(Ba) Italy
Tel +39 0803113613 - +39 0803115588
Cell. 3385045588

Office and establishment Via del Fragno, 37 - Z.I. 70022 Altamura(Ba) Italy Tel +39 0803113613 - +39 0803115588 - Cell.3385045588 - P.IVA: 05694510727
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