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A thriving concern with an up to date method of self-control H.A.C.C.P. Firm legally authorized by the Apulian Region Authorities to bottle, to can and to pack the Extra Virgin Olive Oil procuced in Italy licence code Ba 136 - Reg. Ce 1019/2002

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La Ciallèdde
I have already written and praised on my father somewhere else, but who else will bless him who taught me to be more confident while eating the Cialledde, the most scented, plain and wholesome dish that I have ever eaten since I was born? The Cialledde of our farmers: tomatoes, parsley, celery,, onion; to boil all together in water and nothing else, but, of course, the typical Altamuran bread cut in thin slices and put in a big plate. Then, after boiling, you pour out the hot water on the bread and it swells up more and more. Some extra-virgin oil and a pinch of origan.
In that moment, a sweet and fresh perfume of nature, will be smelt all around.

It is the most typical way to use and eat Altamuran bread.
Altamuran stale bread, cut in thin slices and extra-virgin olive oil.

½ litre of water;
1 sliced onion;
3 cloves of garlic;
1 stick celery;
red and small tomatoes, squashed first on the bread;
a pinch of salt;
parsley and red-chilli pepper.

Cut the bread in thin slices and put them in the plate, season with tomatoes seeds and extra-virgin olive oil poured out as a cross-shape.
Let the water boil with all the above ingredients since they are done and then pour out everything on the bread.

With one egg broken in the water few seconds before pouring it out on the bre
With potatoes;
With black olives;
With "cime di rape"( a king of vegetable);

As the Altamuran saying goes:
"If you want to enjoy good health, have cialledde every day".

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