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A thriving concern with an up to date method of self-control H.A.C.C.P. Firm legally authorized by the Apulian Region Authorities to bottle, to can and to pack the Extra Virgin Olive Oil procuced in Italy licence code Ba 136 - Reg. Ce 1019/2002

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Plain curiosities

The origins of the olive tree: the olive tree in the Greek mythology
The gods Minerva (Athena) and Neptune (Poseidone) contended for the supremacy over the Attic region. In particular, they were fighting over who would take precedence over the construction of a temple on the Acropolis by the people in their honour. Having Jupiter been asked for intervention, he deliberated that the person who gave the most useful gift to humanity would take precedence. Poseidone was first: he made appear a beautiful horse. Athena, instead, touched the ground with her spear and plain tree grew on that spot, from an ungraceful and contorted trunk, covered with harsh leaves in the shape of small spears, with tiny fruits. Cecrope, founder and first king of Athens, awarded the winning price to the olive tree even though the horse was a very important means of work, transport and battle. And this speaks volumes about the importance the Greeks attached to this tree, which, obviously, became sacred to Minerva.

Olive oil in the Greek mythology
At one time, the accidental waste of olive oil, due to the breakage of a container, was considered to be an omen of bad luck, because oil was much more expensive than other cooking ingredients. Today, instead, the cost of oil is much lower considering its high nutritional value and that we live in an affluent society.

Interpreting the meaning of olive oil, olives and olive tree trough dreams (Onirico technique)

  1. Olive oil
    Like every type of fact, oil place its part in representing a symbol of prosperity. After the wedding, the newly wed roman girls used to lubricate the doorstep of their new houses with oil (from the Latin word "Unxiores", person who spreaded the oil, originates the other Latin word "Uxores", wives) because it was seen as a symbol of light and joy just as it is for an oil lamp. The unction during Confirmation grants grace and enlightens because oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit; Christ, in Greek, means Anointed.

    Meaning with the ancients
    Although Greeks were great oil consumers both for nutritional and cosmetic purposes, Artemidoro predicts poisoning or illness to those who dream of drinking it.

    Divinatory meaning
    Dreaming of buying oil means abundance; spreading it on the ground means damage, mopping it up means profitable integrity, oiling the body means profit. The placing a couple of drops over the head faces the woman with blessing, man with shame. When spilt on clothes it is an omen of loss.
    Lucky numbers: 8 - 70
  2. Olives, olive tree
    It was taken from an olive tree, typical of our Easter, in order to symbolize peace and purification, the little branch delivered to the ark by the dove sent out on reconnaissance by Noah. And it is thought that even the cross of Christ was made from an olive tree, symbol of light and victory. The Greeks dedicated the olive tree to Zeus and to Minerva who, having won the dispute with the Neptune about the most useful gift, became lady of the town and planted the olive tree as her own symbol. The connection with the themes of fertility makes it also propitious to childbirth.

    Meaning with the ancients
    With the Greeks olives and olive tree were an emblem of the woman, freedom and power. Artemidoro thinks possibility of the olive tree: it is an omen of happy marriage, wealth, fame and longevity of the children will be born. The picking of the fruits is also a good omen, the pressing of olives predicts hard work and suffering.

    Divinatory meaning
    The tree loaded with fruits promises the dreamer peace, freedom and accomplished wishes. Olives ensure honour, success, love: the wife chosen by the sleeper will be suitable to him. To the woman olives indicate a forthcoming wedding and fertility; if she is married prosperity and abundance. Picking them is an indication of hard work without any profit.
    Lucky numbers: 1 - 9 - 45 - 49


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