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A thriving concern with an up to date method of self-control H.A.C.C.P. Firm legally authorized by the Apulian Region Authorities to bottle, to can and to pack the Extra Virgin Olive Oil procuced in Italy licence code Ba 136 - Reg. Ce 1019/2002

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Our pulses

Pulses are amongst the most ancient cultivated plants, they belong to the Papilionaceous species and are in the “fruit-vegetable sector” the ones with more proteins, the basic elements that constitute our body cellular structure. In the past pulses were identified as the poor people’s meat, but it would be wiser to define them as the healthy people’s meat, considering their numerous qualities that make them such essential elements in a healthy Mediterranean diet to be found in the best known restaurant .
Pulses also contain soluble and insoluble fibres which contribute to a regular intestinal function. The starch, present in pulses, is digested and absorbed slowly, releasing glucose in the blood gradually, and this is very useful for diabetics because it helps to better control the level of glucose in circulation.
Most pulses contain calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and group B vitamins except for vitamin B12.
Pulses proteins, associated with the cereals ones, represent the classic “one dish”, perfectly balanced, rich in vitamins and fibres.
Fresh pulses are usually well tolerated even by the most delicate intestines, but due to the limited time during which it is possible to buy them fresh, their consumption, in their dry state, is practised everywhere. They are cooked on slow heat in earthenware pots and served hot in earthenware bowls together with some slices of the well known bread from Altamura and seasoned with our extra virgin olive oil. It is recommended to accompany them with a bottle of good red wine.
It is not recommended the usage of pulses in tins: although they save time, however they have high salt content and they don’t retain the same freshness, like all  products industrially prepared.









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