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A thriving concern with an up to date method of self-control H.A.C.C.P. Firm legally authorized by the Apulian Region Authorities to bottle, to can and to pack the Extra Virgin Olive Oil procuced in Italy licence code Ba 136 - Reg. Ce 1019/2002

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About us

Ferdinando Pappalardo comes from a family of traders who have been in the agroindustrial sector for many years. He avails himself with the experience he has acquired over 30 years in the processing of olives.
In 1984 the modernized the old oil mill, adopting a process of a continuous cycle, mixed and hybrid, that is the crushing and pressing of olives using millstones made out of granite originating from "Mount Rosa", in order to increase the oil production.
In 1987 times were just right to start producing and packaging the local extra-virgin olive oil with its own brand.
By 1992 the firm had increase business to the point that it was necessary to expand its structural size by building a new factory.
In 2001 he joins an agroindustrial consortium in order to enhance the value of the local products.
In 2003 he decides to go on his own again, as the sole administrator, so he sets up a new oil mill in a factory situated in ideal position, in "Via del Fragno", within the industrial area, the key-zone of the Altamura's economy and that of the boroughs of Bari.

Up to date the firm maintains the highest production standard ,gained with many years of experience in  the making of extra virgin olive oil, obtained mainly from Coratina and Ogliarola olives.
The characteristics of a fragrant fruit, harvested at the right time of its maturity, are perceivable and clear such as those tastes of vegetables culminating with a well balanced bittery-spicy flavour.
The firm has an oil mill which is certified and follows the law regulations, equipped with the latest modern technologies for production and packaging and it is licensed to supply products with private label.  

Technical information about the firm and the product
Technical information about the firm: Production of Extra_ Virgin Olive Oil.
Beginning of Business: November 1993, thanks to the thirty_year experience as an individual firm with several oil mills
Origin of the olives: The olives are boght from reliable producers.
Area of cultivation: Hinterland of bari , central and Northern area.
Brand name: "oil producers Pappalardo"
Olive selection: 20-30% Ogliarola Barese; 70-80% Coratina
Altitude: from 50 mt to 400 mt above sea level
Oli grove age: from 30 to 100 years old
Rearing system: 90% pot-shaped and/or y-shaped; the rest is variable.
Ground characteristics: Mixed rocky and stony calcareous land
Harvesting time: 2 november to 20 January
Harvesting system: the olives are hand or mechanically picked
Extraction system: Mixed continued equipement whith granite miti stones on the top and kneading at a controlled temperature
Oli features: since the end of the manifacturing process the oli looks veiled by natural decantation
Colour: Greenish yellow
Smell: Fruity aroma of fresh oli
Taste: Sweet taste with a slight spicy and bitter flavour and a fruity savour
Consistency: Fairly thick
Use: In dishes where the taste of oli must not overwhelm the others, but only be one of the Ingredients of the dressing( salads, boiled vegetables, soups of legumes, boiled fish and Above all the "Cialledde", a typical dish of Altamura, prepared with bread and some other simple ingredients of the Mediterraneam diet); and for fried food.
N° of bottles/size 100 ml, 250 ml, 750 ml Bottles - 1 lt, 3 lt and 5 lt cans.


Brief description of the production process

Within 48 hours from being picked, the olives cultivated in the province of Bari land, are milled with millstones from Mount Rosa, after having gone through the defoliation process which takes away the leaves and all other foreign bodies.
  The olive mixture is homogenized and then goes through the kneading machines; after that, the oily paste is sent to the horizontal centrifugal department.
The decanter taking advantage of the centrifugation principle, separates this pulp in its components:
Sanza (dried milled nut residue), vegetables water, and oil must.
The oil must and the vegetable water are sent to the centrifugal separators in order to extract the extra vergin olive oil.
The extracted oil is stocked in stainless steel tanks and, after a period of settling is properly put into packaging.

The firm recycles the residual products of the oil manufactuing process to make maximum use of them and in order not to bear the costs of their disposal. First matters of second degree ( such as vegetation waters, virgin bark and olive leaves) undergo a treatment with a specific enzymic product. Few months of composting produce a very good amending by-product used as a fertilizer for farming which has an environmental awareness and is controlled biologically.

The oil-mill arries out some work on behalf of a third party.
A) The oil extraction of biological and not bioiogical olives.

B) The packaging of the biologically and not biologically produced oil both in bottles and in cans with customized labels.

C) The production and supply, on behalf of a third party, of a fertilizer derived from by-products obtained through the oil extraction from the olives.


Office and establishment Via del Fragno, 37 - Z.I. 70022 Altamura(Ba) Italy Tel +39 0803113613 - +39 0803115588 - Cell.3385045588 - P.IVA: 05694510727
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